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How To Use A Metal Detector

Types of Metal Detectors

At Teknetics, we understand that different treasure huntings require specific types of metal detectors. Our range includes Very Low Frequency (VLF), Pulse Induction (PI), and Multi-Frequency (MF) detectors. Each type has its unique advantages, whether you're seeking relics, coins, or gold.

Choosing the Right Metal Detector

Choosing the right metal detector starts with understanding your detecting goals. Are you looking to comb beaches, parks, or are you more interested in gold prospecting? Our team at Teknetics is always ready to help guide you in selecting the perfect detector for your needs.

Understanding the Controls and Settings

Getting familiar with your Teknetics metal detector's controls and settings is crucial. Our detectors come equipped with various settings to improve sensitivity, discrimination, and ground balance, enabling you to optimize your detecting experience.

Properly Assembling the Metal Detector

Assembly should be straightforward. Start by connecting the search coil to the lower stem, attach the stem to the control box, and then adjust the shaft length for comfortable use. Ensuring everything is secure and properly connected is vital for the best performance.

Adjusting the Sensitivity

Sensitivity adjustment is a fine balance. High sensitivity increases the detector's depth and ability to find smaller items, but it can also lead to false signals in highly mineralized soils. Start high and reduce until you find stable operation.

Ground Balancing

Ground balancing is essential for reducing interference from mineralized soil. Teknetics detectors offer manual and automatic ground balancing options to help you achieve the best possible performance in challenging conditions.

Conducting a Grid Search

Efficiency is key when covering large areas. Creating a search grid helps ensure you don't miss any potential finds. Start at one end of your area and methodically move back and forth until you've covered the desired ground.

Pinpointing Targets

Once you've detected a potential target, using the pinpoint function on your Teknetics detector will help you locate the exact spot to dig. This feature greatly reduces digging time and minimizes disruption to the ground.

Digging Techniques

Responsible digging is essential. Always use a proper digging tool, like a trowel or a specialized digging knife. Cut a neat plug of soil that can be replaced easily, ensuring the area is left as undisturbed as possible.

Identifying and Interpreting Signals

Learning to identify and interpret signals from your Teknetics metal detector will become easier with experience. Practice in areas where you can confirm your finds, and you'll soon learn to differentiate between valuable targets and trash.

Caring for and Maintaining the Metal Detector

Proper care ensures your Teknetics detector will perform optimally for years to come. Always clean your detector after use, especially the search coil. Check for and replace any worn parts, and store your detector in a dry, safe place.

At Teknetics, we’re proud to support your metal detecting adventures with our advanced detectors and accessories. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our products, and the community will enhance your treasure hunting experiences. Remember, practice and patience are key to mastering metal detecting. Happy hunting!

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