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Exercise Towel

Exercise Towel

When preparing your workout bag, you should never forget to have your own high-quality exercise towel. Fortunately, we, at Towel Tech, have just the right thing for you.

What is a sports towel?

It’s a towel of superior quality and construction, designed to live up to the higher requirements in the sports business. You can’t have a regular product since it most likely won’t perform according to the expectations. Most people don’t realize the benefits they can get from a high-grade fitness towel, especially when working out in crowded environments, among other athletes.

A fitness gym is generally a humid and warm environment, perfect for bacterial growth and fungi. With all the staff’s attention to sanitization and cleansing, you can never eliminate all the health risks entirely. This is where our towel comes to fix all your problems. The incorporated TENCEL fiber eliminates odors with the same effectiveness that it protects against bacteria, germs, fungi, and other organisms. It will be your ideal defense in an environment filled with invisible health hazards that could cost you long-term.

What are the advantages of sports towels?

Compared to regular towels, the professional ones are more effective at absorbing humidity, inhibit odors, and protect against bacterial agents. Our product stands out from other sports towels thanks to the innovative TENCEL technology, which outweighs other materials and textiles in terms of efficiency. Some of the advantages include:

Fast-absorbent – It is imperative to have an exercise towel that absorbs sweat immediately, especially during intense workout sessions. Our TENCEL fiber will do its job better than any other.

Odor suppressant – It’s no secret that sweat smells bad and just as others’ odors bother you, your odor bothers everyone else in the gym. Our towel’s innovative textile absorbs the perspiration and inhibits the foul odors, reducing your olfactory presence significantly.

Fast-drying – The more humidity a towel absorbs, the better, which requires fast-drying capabilities to maintain that peak performance. Fortunately, the eco-friendly TENCEL fiber dries faster than other materials, allowing you to use the towel even during extremely intense workout sessions.

Anti-bacterial properties – The warm, humid environment of a gym is the perfect place for bacterial growth, which could easily ruin your day. Having a towel with anti-bacterial properties as part of your gym arsenal is the perfect strategy for keeping you safe and secure.

Should you take a towel at the gym?

Yes, you should. Seeing all the benefits to come with it, we believe it is almost obligatory to have a high-grade towel with you during every gym session. Our exercise towel will offer you comfort, protection, and plenty of practicality. It comes with an incorporated magnet, allowing you to stick it to metal surfaces, and a zipper pocket, in case you need to deposit any small items like keys, phone, etc.

At Towel Tech, we have developed a unique product, designed to withstand the most drastic requirements in the business. If you’re ready to start your gym journey, pack your bag, grab one of our top-notch towels, and go train!

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