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Bamboo Shafts

Bamboo Shafts

Khans Arrows is the leading maker and seller of high-quality bamboo shafts that you can never get from another seller. Our business id to help you become successful with bamboo arrows and have a great time shooting. We help archers get the perfect set of arrows for their bow.

How will I know the best quality of bamboo arrows?

This is a frequent question from many professional and beginner archers. Unfortunately, you can only know the quality of them when you receive the delivery. The mediocre and poor quality arrows discourage and ruin the market for the top-quality sellers since the prices are almost the same. This is what complicates distinguishing between high-quality and the other feeble stuff in the market.

The only and easiest way to differentiate between high quality and decrepit bamboo arrows is by comparing prime and mediocre pieces. Most of the buyers end up landing on the mediocre spectrum. This is because there’re plenty of frail arrows in the market and the fact that most buyers don’t know what quality is. If you need top-notch and robust bamboo shafts, you can only get them from a reputable arrow maker. Luckily, we're right here to get you the first-class bamboo arrows, which will definitely suit your needs.

Characteristics of quality bamboo arrows

The first thing you note when buying bamboo arrows is that mediocre class and poor class are much expensive or close to prime quality. This is because professional makers are always fair and willing to help archers achieve their objectives. Top-quality bamboo arrows should spin at around 30 to 33 pounds.

The shaft wall should be evenly grown to balance the arrow. Many makers ignore this, and that's why you'll get the arrows of different sizes and weight. The last but not least, five-star bamboo arrows are straight and must always be straight, not crooked shafts. If you come across a bent bamboo arrow, don’t even think of giving it a trial.

Making of best quality shafts

We provide handmade, U-fletch balanced and matched bamboo arrows shafts. However, some arrow shafts aren't U-fletched, but we teach you how to for free at our bamboo arrow shafts university. It's easy to learn and have fun doing it.

We make sure that all your orders come with a safe delivery guarantee, and that makes us more reliable. When you buy a set of our top-notch bamboo arrow shafts, you’ll get 25% off the actual price.

Make an order of high-quality bamboo arrows

Through our expertise in making top-notch bamboo shafts, we’ve changed the old myth about bamboo arrows. Our quality arrows are the best-selling in the market, and we want you to become one of our happy clients. We strive to create a new mentality about these arrows by providing the top-quality and teach you to make the same quality for free.

If you’ve been longing to shoot with the bamboo arrows, Khans Arrows is the best shop to get you quality, impeccable arrows. Place an order today and become an archery master.

Bamboo Shafts
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