T2 & T2LTD Upgrade Program

 Upgrade Your Metal Detector Today!



Teknetics is now offering upgrade options for our T2 and T2LTD metal detectors which can only be ordered through this online process.

With any upgrade, we will troubleshoot for common problems, give your detector a thorough tune-up and cleaning, then return it in a new box with new manual. Typical turnaround time for an upgrade is 7 working days, not including shipping time (expect delays if ordered during the busy holiday shopping season). Existing warranty will cover any needed repairs and we will contact you if out-of-warranty repairs are needed. 

Extended Warranty:
With any upgrade, you can purchase an extended warranty. This is a great opportunity for you to renew or extend warranty coverage. If you currently have warranty coverage and want to purchase extended coverage, you will need to provide proof of purchase (original detector purchase receipt) from an authorized Teknetics dealer. A 3-year option is transferable. 

Special 15” DD Coil Bonus:
With the purchase of any Upgrade Option, you may purchase a 15” DD round coil, for the special price of $85.00, while supplies last. This is a $214 savings from the normal MAP price of $299. 

Payment method is credit/debit card only. 

You must enter a valid email address to receive your Upgrade Purchase receipt. 

Domestic shipping is free both ways, when you register for an upgrade we will email you a prepaid return label to attach to your box and then take to a Fed Ex drop-off point (disable your pop-up blocker if you have trouble opening the return shipping label attachment). International shipping is free one way. You must pay to return the detector to us and we will ship back to you at no charge. Follow the shipping instructions on your Upgrade Purchase Receipt. Your Receipt number, beginning with the letters “UP”, must be clearly indicated on the outside of your shipping box.

Camo version T2LTD
Camo version T2LTD’s will be upgraded with a non-camo faceplate. Customer Service will contact you about replacing the armrest with either a new black one or reusing your existing camo one.

Note to our International Customers
If you are in a market with Customs duties, we recommend the below option.

  • Visit with your local customs office
  • Present your metal detector and obtain a receipt with the serial number shown on the receipt.
  • Send a copy of this receipt with your detector to our factory in El Paso, and indicate that this detector is going back to the factory for repair.
  • We will upgrade your detector, and send the same copy of your receipt back with the detector.


How to Order:

  • Click the ‘make your purchase selection’ to continue
  • Follow shipping instructions on Receipt 


PLEASE NOTE: If you own an original “Green” T2, the only option available is Upgrade #2.

Upgrade #1 – T2LTD to Enhanced T2LTD - $159.00

  • DST (Digital Shield Technology)
  • FA (Fast Retune Process)
  • 4 levels of FE Tone
  • LCD Serialization

Upgrade #1 allows you to purchase extended warranty

Upgrade #2 – T2 original to Enhanced T2LTD - $309.00

  • Boost Mode
  • Cache mode
  • DST (Digital Shield Technology)
  • FA (Fast Process)
  • 4 levels of FE Tone
  • LCD Serialization

Upgrade #2 allows you to purchase extended warranty

If you considered buying a new green T2 to take advantage of this upgrade offer, we can save you money, downtime and shipping cost.  Upgrade #3 includes a new green T2 that we will upgrade to a green T2-LTD Enhanced model and ship factory direct to you. Cost: $799.00. 

Upgrade #3 – New green T2 to Enhanced green T2LTD - $799.00

  • Factory-new green T2
  • Boost Mode
  • Cache Mode
  • DST (Digital Shield Technology)
  • FA (Fast Process)
  • 4 Levels of FE-Tone
  • LCD Serialization

Upgrade #3 allows you to purchase extended warranty

Optional Extended Warranty
Available with any upgrade
1 Year - $49.00
2 Year - $69.00
3 Year - $99.00
With 3 year option warranty becomes transferable


15” DD Coil Bonus - $85.00
Available with any upgrade