Daryl finds coins with Omega 8000

I've used the Omega 8000 with 3 coils now for about ten weeks. I have spent most of my detecting time at one small park with 4 ball diamonds, near my home. I detect a few hours a week. I have just found my 850th coin at that small park, using the Omega! The park was built in the 1970's, and its loaded with coins and trash.

All 3 coils work excellent. The Omega is easy to set up and use, it gives awesome target seperation, and has a fast reset system, and pinpointing is a snap. Its lightweight ,and I can swing it all day without fatigue. It also has excellent depth on targets, an accurate ID system, accurate depth meter, and I dig very little iron. I have dug 4 steel bottlecaps, and maybe 35 pieces of iron, mostly chunks. No nails, one 3/8" bolt. I have detected on and off over the last 35 years, and I must say, this detector is fun to use, and a hard machine to beat in its price range.

Thanks to Dave J, and all hardworking folks at First Texas for designing fun machines.


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