Omega 8000 excels in "hunted out" areas

WOW! My hunting partner Clay mentioned we could hunt this pounded CS camp not far from where we were. He and Thomas went there last year and dug 3 or 4 69 cal. french triangle based bullets and a bleeder. There was also a small colonial spot on the property. I said I've never been in it so lets go I'd love to find one of those bullets.

Well to say the place has been pounded is an understatment, Clay didnt find anything!

I dug 2 roundballs a thimble, and well, the good thing - Found it with the omega 8000 boys and this sites been pounded for 25 yrs! It's probably the best thing to ever come off this spot and it shows a good site is a good site you just never know what's left. Here she is peeking through the sand. It's in awesome condition, do I get a Yeeehaaaaaaaaaa!!! Not many of these little jewels dug. The Omega 8000 I told you I was going to make some great finds with this little detector!

A 1795 flowing hair silver half dime in awsome condition. More than likey this will be my find of the year. What a coin. Oh and hats's off to the Omega 8000 it's a keeper in my book, light, subtle and with patience to learn it deadly! It's tamer than your T2's and F75's but just as deep and surprsing the heck out of me! I really like it.