Josh Silva, Civil War Finds

THESE WERE ALL FOUND WITH THE TEKNETICS® T2 Ltd AND G2. They are a Confederate Script C button, early 2 piece Rifleman's, real nice 1850s Haviland and Stevenson token from Charleston, SC, a scarce .41 caliber Volcanic bullet, real nice heel plate and a Ferdinand VII 8 Maravedis.

Josh Silva

The New Teknetics T2 Special Edition is hands down the finest machines I’ve ever owned! The extreme depth and ability of this machine to discriminate out iron is SECOND TO NONE! It’s a detector built for the professional digger but with the ease of use that will allow a novice just starting out to enjoy this terrific machine!

Teknetics has created a masterpiece here with its sleek and stunning design they’ve managed to take this revolutionary lightweight frame and marry it to one of the deepest seeking VLF systems that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using!

I’ve owned many detectors in my time but this is one is my absolute favorite! In the few months I’ve had it, I’ve dug everything under the sun with it: Civil War Buttons, bullets, Colonial Coins, Spanish Silver, you name it! The iron masking capabilities and of this machine really are a paradigm shift. I’ve been able to go into areas that I had no chance of finding relics in with other machines and literally pluck them from all around the big and small irons signals. Not only this, but this machine is hands down the deepest machine I’ve ever used. It’s VERY deep with the normal settings so when you put it in “Boost Process” mode it is deadly! I’ve gone to several sites that were supposedly “hunted out” and consistently found more and deeper relics than any of my other machines would’ve heard.


“Teknetics/Fisher has done it again, I’ve recently located a previously untouched campsite with my T2 LTD and it has produced a staggering amount of relics. I couldn’t take one step without the T2 picking up multiple targets per swing, it was pretty incredible! It cut through the iron signals like a knife through butter and kept digging target after target all day for 3 days straight! For those of you that believe there’s no new Civil War campsites left to find, well, the T2 and I just proved otherwise! If it’s in the ground, the T2 Fisher will find it!”

Josh Silva, Eastern Virginia

(If you haven’t gone out and got yours yet…what are you waiting for? IT WILL GET YOU THE GOOD STUFF!)