HH, Omega 8000

I've been detecting since I retired, back in 2000, and use a number of detectors including First Texas products. Attached are photos of a few of my recent finds, dug in November 2013, using my Omega 8000, using the stock elliptical searchcoil.

The 1942s Walking Liberty Half dollar and the ring with 3 saphires were both dug on the same day at about 6-inches deep, and within 50 feet of each other. Both came out of a trash infested old ball park in North GA. The bullseye rosette, along with some other relics, not pictured, came out of a Civil War campsite near Savannah, GA. The .925 silver ear ring was dug at a "hunted out" beach in GA.

For anybody not familiar with this detector, the Omega 8000 is a well made machine, simple to use, lightweight, great depth, lots of useful features and very good at separating trash from good targets, especially with the 5" DD searchcoil. I also use a Fisher® F75 Ltd, in my estimation the top detector on the market for all purpose hunting. What separates the LTD from other top line detectors, is the lightweight, outstanding depth and balance, enabling a hunter to detect all day with little fatigue. Both Teknetics® and Fisher® detectors have very good optional searchcoils, which I use depending on the situation. Kudos to Dave Johnson and the other engineers who designed these great detectors.

HH, Maynard Ringenberg