Abe H, T2 SE

My girlfriend bought me a T2 SE for my birthday last September. It was my first machine ever. I hit the ground running and was finding great items right off the bat. Several old coppers from the early 19th and 18th centuries. I even found (2) 1782- 2 reales and a 1739 1 real.

After a lot of research I found myself on a very neat site in Maine’s Mid-Coast Region. I had my T2 in All Metal and got a deep signal. After some digging I pulled out a round “disc” and instantly saw the outline of branches of a 1652 Pine Tree Shilling glistening in the sun…My dream coin! I was absolutely in shock. About 4' away I dug a 1664 Potosi mint Cob. Another dream find. These were my first 1600s coins. What a way to join that club. The cob was deep and under a bunch of roots. They are so thin and misshapen and I am so impressed that the T2 nailed it. This machine is incredible.

I brag about this machine all the time, as I always say "The proof is in the pudding". The pudding is a 1652 Pine Tree Shilling. Thanks guys. Your machines are THE BEST!

Abe H., Topsham Maine