Teknetics Metal Detector Promotions

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Featured Promotion


Tek-Point Pinpointer TEK-POINT


Price w/ promotion: $119

Teknetics G2+

High Performance Coin/Relic Detector

Price w/ promotion: $449 


T2+ Introductory Bundle T2+GWP

American Made, high-performance multi-pupose professional metal detector

Price w/ promotion: $549 

Euro-Tek Pro and Tek-Point With 11" DD Coil and Coil Cover ETEKPRO11GWP1

Price w/ promotion: $299 

Take Your Business to The Next Level

Kit Includes – Teknetics Units
1 Alpha - 1 Delta - 1 Gamma - 1 Omega

Accessories Include
1 x Carry Bag, 1 x Sand Scoop,
2 x Trowels and 2 x Headphones
Floor Stand to Merchandise

Teknetics Dealer Kit