Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

How Well Do You Know Your Metal Detector?

If you are new to the hobby of metal detecting, you have probably heard the term “air test” or “nail test” thrown around once or twice.  If you were to ask many experienced metal detectorists what they think about air or bench tests, the response is often loud and clear... 

Air tests are worthless.   Nail tests?  What a joke!  A test garden in the backyard?  A waste of time!  

Twist it and spin it any way you like.  Certain metal detectorists just do not like to bench test their metal detectors.  They very well may even scoff at the suggestion of it in forum or blog posts.  In their eyes, you should take your relic machine and go hunt a nail infested relic site to learn.  You should take you gold detector and go find gold.  Testing is rubbish.   

While I will never say somebody is wrong because they do something different, I just cannot subscribe to that logic.  I think many veterans of this hobby forget what it was like to be a rookie.  There is a learning curve to almost everything in life and metal detecting is no different.  There is tremendous value in testing your metal detector in multiple ways - no matter how long you have been in the hobby. 

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Welcome to Metal Detecting

So you want to become a metal detectorist?  You've seen the TV shows and the Youtube videos.  Guys hooting and hollering at every find.  Unearthing history right under their feet.  It looks like great fun right?  Maybe not all the cartwheels and yelling - but the metal detecting part sure does seem neat.

Heck, it’s free money and jewelry coming out of the ground.  Gold nuggets beeping their way into your pockets. Relics from ages past just waiting to be uncovered.   It’s literally the hobby that pays you back for enjoying it!

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