Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

So You Think You Want to be a Bottle Digger

It all started years ago when I was a child, looking at shelves full of bottles that my dad had collected or dug from before I was born. See, my dad was a bottle digger, metal detectorist and arrowhead hunter long before I was even a twinkle in his eye. As I was growing up, I saw the bottles and relics he had collected and truthfully thought he was a little crazy for keeping all of this “garbage”…….. little did I know that one day this “garbage” would become my passion too!

Brandon's dad Ricky Nicholas early 1980's                          Ricky is still digging bottles and treasure hunting today                  Brandon displaying a freshly dug turn of the century soda bottle

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Women and Metal Detecting...How one Wife Got Into the Hobby

As I have stated once or twice in previous blogs, I lucked out being married to a wife who likes to metal detect.  This being a male dominated hobby, I was not expecting her to like it as much as she does. This was not always the case...There was some push back when I first ran it by her. Her opinion of the hobby was not fantastic.

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Metal Detecting With Friends

Many metal detecting hobbyists know the feeling of being alone.  It is a hobby that just doesn’t seem to need a partner or teammate.  Don’t feel bad, as many of the participants scoff at the idea of taking another metal detectorist with them.  What is the point?   


Headphones will just block the conversation!   

You can’t come near my detector, or we might get cross talk!   

A partner potentially finding something better!  

I just want some peace and quiet!

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The Top Online Metal Detecting Forums

New to the hobby of metal detecting but don’t know where to turn?  

Are you a 30 year veteran who wants to spread your knowledge to others?  

Found a rare coin or artifact and want to show it off to the world?


Well then you are in luck my dirt digging treasure finding friend.  Today we're talking about your one stop shop to ask ridiculous questions such as “which detector is the best”?  Discuss terminology that needs its own dictionary such as ground phase, recovery speed, and pulse induction.  A place to let your over opinionated personality shine, or perhaps reminisce a tall tale about how you once found a dime at 16 feet deep. Or was that inches?   

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Dowsing and Divining - A Treasure Hunter’s Guide

An intelligent person knows that a tomato is a fruit.  A wise person knows not to include it in a fruit salad.  That is my thought process when it comes to subjects such as dowsing.  I  feel that I am intelligent enough to not use it as my primary (or even secondary) tool in treasure hunting, but wise enough to not dismiss it entirely when I hear of others utilizing it with success.  


I have seen far to many unexplained happenings in my 42 years of life to dismiss even the crazy sounding stuff.  To most people, that is exactly what dowsing is - crazy stuff.

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The Top 5 Gold Rushes of the United States

Gold fever...It can be scoffed at as a figment of the imagination by those who have never seen it at work.  However, to those who have, there is no denying how real it is to those who have the affliction.  No, it does not attack the body like a normal fever.  This fever attacks the mind and perhaps even ones soul.  Often times in maniacal and unexplained ways.   


In the old gold rush days, fever stricken people packed up their belongings, promised their loved ones a new life, only to travel thousands of miles away in search of the rare and elusive yellow metal.  The vast majority of these sudden prospectors and miners ended up spending more on equipment and travel than they would ever recover. Bankruptcy and failure the only hole that they dug themselves into..But some struck it RICH!

Better to have tried and fail - than to never try at all.  At least that is what they said to their lovedones when they return with next to nothing.  Many so broken and beaten by gold fever, that they did unthinkable things to put some yellow in their pockets.

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The Best Metal Detectors I have Ever Used

When looking back at the last few years of metal detecting, I consider myself pretty darn lucky for a number of reasons.  My wife loves the hobby almost as much as I do.   My loyal YouTube fans have become personal friends.  My finds table has some pretty amazing finds.

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