Press Release Dubai Counterfeit Raid – Oct. 6th, 2013

First Texas Products, LLC Successfully Cracks Down on International Counterfeit Ring

El Paso, Texas, Oct. 8, 2013 -- First Texas Products reports the successful raid and confiscation of counterfeit metal detectors in the United Arab Emirates. On Sept. 24, First Texas Products infiltrated a criminal counterfeit distribution organization in Dubai, resulting in the confiscation of Dh900,000 of counterfeit Teknetics® gold prospecting equipment and the arrest of two suspects.

"First Texas Products, the leading worldwide provider of gold detection technology to artisanal gold miners, was successful in apprehending counterfeiters following years of pursuit and investigation," said Tim Mallory, First Texas Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "This result in Dubai demonstrates our determination to close down the illegal shops and distributors,” he said. “Thanks to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Dubai and Al Ain Police, we have proven that counterfeiters can be brought to justice."

Arrested in Dubai were two individuals, a Syrian and a Sudanese national, both allegedly in the employ of an Al Ain based trading company, while marketing Chinese-origin counterfeit Teknetics® T2 metal detectors.

Tom Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of First Texas, said the arrests and confiscation of counterfeit Teknetics® products is the result of ongoing efforts to stop the international counterfeiting of the American-made detectors. "Having unsuccessfully pursued Chinese counterfeit manufacturers, who operate with impunity in violation of Chinese and international intellectual property law, we now turn our focus to their worldwide distribution network," Walsh said. "We applaud the governments of the United Arab Emirates, whose enforcement of intellectual property law protects artisanal miners across Africa and demonstrates leadership in the international business community.”

Counterfeit Teknetics® products moving through Dubai are distributed across Africa with devastating economic consequence for unsuspecting African miners. “We are absolutely resolute in protecting their interests and ours," Walsh said.

The Dubai Gold Souk is the primary destination for gold unearthed by African artisanal miners. Dubai's leading gold market position has established it as the major transit point and distribution hub for gold prospecting equipment destined for African markets. Counterfeiters infiltrate the Dubai markets, passing off counterfeit products, mechanically identical but technologically inferior, as authentic Teknetics® detectors.

For information on Teknetics® products or the First Texas Products anti-counterfeiting campaign, contact Tim Mallory at 915-633-8354 or Depar Ltd. at 00971 501 697 427.

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